wind turbines

Wind Turbines can be much smaller than what we see in rural areas.

For example, place a small Roof Turbine on every house. Ugly, you say.

What if turbine is placed in cupola (see below).

small energy

Energy generated would be stored in household lithium battery pack or electric car sitting in your driveway or garage.

This type of Small Energy solution could be placed on flat roofs minus cupola. Think factories and warehouses.

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Another concept is Pole Turbines. These would be narrow poles with holes. Inside would be tiny wind turbines.

Pole Turbines could support street lights with direct access to electrical grid. Each pole would generate small amounts of electricity erratically.

Almost forgot. Small version of Pole Turbines could be used as fence poles.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 2/11/20
Last Revised: 3/6/20

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