river turbines

USA has hundreds of rivers and small supply of damns.

I suggest River Turbines as another type of Small Energy device. They would be cylinders roughly 5 feet wide, near river's edge and extend few feet above water line.

Electricity generated would be used by local communities or feed into national electric grid.

Several other people are researching idea of river turbines. I question their designs. Some have open blades which are submerged. See photo below.

small energy

This is inherently unsafe. People and fish are at risk. This design is not visible above the surface and could be hit by barges and boats.

In my design, river turbines sit on the bottom and are inclosed in metal cylinders. Small slots in cylinders allow water to enter and exit.

Top 5 feet of river cylinder is exposed and visible with small warning lights. Also, they must be designed so GPS systems can see them.

My design will not be cheap. Electricity would be sold at price above current electric rates, but still reasonable.

Again, question is will river turbines be ugly. If river turbines are spaced far enough apart, they could be visually acceptable.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 2/11/20
Last Revised: 3/20/20
Email: dlwilmeth@icloud.com

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