solar cone

Small Energy devices can produce electricity in small amounts and intermittently.

This requires short term storage of electricity until it can be aggregated and feed into electrical grid.

Capacitors. Normally used in computer boards can store small amounts of electricity. I propose larger capacitors be developed from a few inches to a foot high.

solar cone

These capacitors can feed electricity into larger storage devices that will be examined below

Flywheels are used in industry for short term storage of energy.


Existing flywheels would be fine to store energy until it is feed into the electrical grid.

My last idea replicates a damn in some ways. You store water in ten foot tall barbell shaped tanks. When electricity is transfered to the electril grid, water flows from top tank through a generator to bottom tank.

Rest of the time water is slowly pumped into the top tank from Small Energy devices.

Advantage of barbell design is ease of maintenance. One person with a ten foot later can maintain it and swapout parts.

When farmers are harvesting energy and maintaining hundreds and maybe thousands of Small Energy devices, ease of maintenance is paramount and will require swaping out parts that will be repaired or recycled.


Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 3/20/20

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