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It will take time to convert to Small Energy. First step is eliminating all coal production in the world.

Coal is extremely "dirty" source of energy. However it supplies about 40% of fuel for electrical generating plants in USA.

Existing coal plants must be quickly modified to burn natural gas. Least dirty of fuels burned to produce electricity.

When production of electricity with Small Energy devices is widely available, all remaining coal fired electrical generating plants must be shut down.

As an aside, I support all electric cars. Howver, if electricity used to charge their batteries comes from coal burning power plants, result could be more pollution than gasoline powered cars.

Please read next essay entitled: It's All About the Children. It shows how new mothers and mothers-to-be are already worried about their children, that will be most affected by Climate Change.

To be blunt, rest of us will be dead.

Many well meaning people have suggested a Pollution Tax. I do not believe this is a solution. It only moves money from one group to another.

Nationalization of Coal

Rapid shutdown of coal fired electrical generating plants requires Nationalization of coal mines and coal fired electrical generating plants.

Without nationalization of coal, process of removing plants will take decades. Time that simply is not available.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 2/22/20
Last Revised: 3/6/20

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