solar cone

We must stop burning fossil fuels and develop new types of Small Energy devices to generate and store carbon-free electricity.

This will require use of solar, wind and water energy that is abundant.

Solar panels are Small Energy devices.

There are other possible devices. I propose one called: Solar Cone.

Imagine cheerleader using megaphone at university football game. At large hearing end of Solar Cone is wide lens used to concentrate sunshine.

solar cone

At speaking end of Solar Cone is opening to pool of water that is heated to boiling point, which generators electricity.

Solar Cones can be equipped to track sun across the sky.

Power generated will be routed to lithium batteries or Small Energy storage devices, that I will discuss later.

Electricity created can be used locally or feed into electrical grid.

Concept is simple. Design Small Energy generation and storage devices at cost higher than current Large Energy systems, but still reasonable in price.

Small Energy Contest

I suggest a contest among Washington DC/Baltimore area university Engineering departments. Soon, I will begin emailing their professors and graduate students.

People from other deparments will also be contacted.

Each university will pay costs for designing and building their version of Small Energy generation or storage device.

I live in Columbia, Maryland and offer my help. But, obviously a lead university is needed to conduct contest.

John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) would be great institution to evaluate Small Energy devices and award prizes for contest.

To start organizing contest, contact me at below email.

Universities in the Future

Historically, universities have taught and done research. This must be expanded. Design of Small Energy devises should be endorsed by universities.

Politicians and big corporations will look our for their needs. I believe universities must speak out and particapte in supporting Small Energy from design to implementation.

Harvest Energy

In the future, Small Energy farms will be common.

Each Small Energy device on a farm will have components that can easily be swapped out when broken. Work will be hard with long hours.

Small Energy farms will replace lovely farm land. Will they be ugly? Yes. However, near major highways and cities, setbacks and fencing would reduce or eliminate visual impact.

Written By: Dennis Wilmeth
Published: 2/11/20
Last Revised: 3/6/20

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